MOSFiATA Kitchen Utility Knife 5 Inch Chef Knife

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Blade Material
Stainless Steel
Kitchen Utility Knife
Handle Material
Blade Edge

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This MOSFiATA 5 inch kitchen utility knife is all-purpose, suits most kitchen tasks like cutting fruits, vegetables, and soft bread, as well as filleting fish and portioning meat.

This MOSFiATA kitchen utility knife featuring special forged premium 5CR15 high carbon stainless steel with a precise vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering, has a superb hardness, flexibility, and lasting performance.

The utility knife blade was hand polished and forged by blacksmiths with decades of experience, ensure extraordinary performance and edge retention. It can be used without sharpening.

The kitchen utility knife handle is ergonomically designed, suits all hand sizes. Minimizes wrist tension while providing a secure, comfortable grip.

his MOSFiATA utility knife comes with an exquisite gift box, the knife sheath included. Suitable as a gift to parents and friends.

How to maintain your knife?

Before using it for the first time, please clean the knife!

Please note that the blade of the knife is very sharp when using it! Do not use your fingertips to test, and avoid direct contact to avoid injury.

Be careful when using and storing! After each use, please clean, wipe dry, and store in the knife holder, away from children!

Hand-washing your knife is always preferable to a dishwasher. The hot water and salt of the dishwasher will do your blade no favor, so as soon as you finish using it give it a wash and dry thoroughly to avoid corrosion.

Do not soak in water for a long time or use chlorine bleach, because it will dent and fade the blade.