MOSFiATA 8″ Bread Knife, Sharp Serrated Knife


Blade Material
High Carbon Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Handle Material
Stainless Steel
Blade Edge



Hand-polished by craftsmen with decades of experience to ensure its durability. The thickness of this bread cutter is 2.5mm.

The rounded serrations blade provides effortless slicing and cutting through crusty bread, cake, cheese, pizza with minimal crumbs.

The solid Micarta handle minimizes wrist tension while providing a secure, comfortable grip no matter your hand size or where you grip.

With bread lame and 5 blades,anyone beginner bread baker and professional bread baker can make for beautiful scoring on sour dough breads.

The serrated bread cutter comes in a elegant gift box, making it the best companion in your kitchen and definitely the perfect gift for everyone.

This MOSFiATA super sharp serrated bread knife is made of high-quality German stainless steel 4116 that resists rust, corrosion, discoloration, and free of a chemical reaction.

Why Choose The MOSFiATA 8-inch Bread Knife?

MOSFiATA is a professional serrated bread knife 8 inch brand on the block manufacturing all kinds of knives and BBQ tools.

  • Scratch-resistant surface

Cake knife serrated with sheath is no-stain cutlery steel resists rust, corrosion and discoloration.

  • Comfortable handle

The solid Micarta handle can minimize wrist tension while providing a secure, comfortable grip no matter the size of your hand or where you are gripping the handle. The fact that it’s lightweight also helps in enjoyable and precise cutting and maneuvering.

  • Ultra-sharp bread knife

MOSFiATA serrated toaster knife blade has an ultra-sharp serrated edge that grips and effortlessly slices the toughest loaves of bread, to provide a smooth, clean cut.

  • Versatile cutting bread knife

Not just for bread: This bread cutter for homemade bread serrated with sheath is so sharp it easily grips and cuts through cake, crusty bread, bagels, pastries.

  • Easy to care for – dishwasher safe

Quick and easy kitchen clean-up is as important to us as it is to you. While bread knife is always recommended to hand-wash in order to retain a bread knife optimum cutting edge for as long as possible, our MOSFiATA professional stainless steel bread knife is dishwasher safe.

Corrosion and chip-resistant stainless steel adds up to impressive durability.


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