MOSFiATA Fog Machine




The fog machine is upgraded to an intelligent temperature control system to optimize the automatic smoke control function.

The power of the smoke machine is strong, the power is 500W, and the heavy fog volume is 2000CFM. Spray up to 10 feet (3M) and save 20% energy.

The smoke machine provides 3 colors (1 red, 1 blue, and 1 green) to produce colored smoke.

Adjust the screws and handles of has to freely adjust the angle so that you can DIY the fog and light view, suitable for any party.

MOSFiATA atomizers have passed CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications and can be used safely. High density and high hardness aluminum alloy has higher heat resistance, durability, and longer service life.


-Input: 110V~120V, 60Hz

-Power: 500W

-Tank capacity: 8.5OZ (0.25L)

-Spray distance: 10 feet (3M)

-Spray capacity: 2000CFM

-Remote distance: 50 feet (15M)

-Light colors: 3 LED lights with 3 colors (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue), 3 lights are all ON/OFF at the same time optional


1, Disconnect from power supply when add fog fluid, move the machine and clean the machine

2, Make sure there is enough fluid in the tank before use to avoid danger, fog juice should at least cover the metal part in the tank

3, Please avoid leakage while adding fog fluid; Do not make fog oil too full to avoid splashing.

4, Pull and stretch the antenna when in use. Do NOT spray smoke directly to people and keep it far away from fire or other heat resources

5, Please kindly noted the fog machine is not automatically spray, need to push remote buttons to control to spray or stop spray

6, Please keep fog fluid (not included) out of kids touch

7, Please do not touch the case of fog machine as it might be high temperature after use


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