MOSFiATA 350W LED Grow Light COB Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp


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Our indoor grow lights only has 50W working power.It is means if you use 1 plant lamp for 10h per day, it only costs $1 for electricity every month.

These grow light bulbs can not only be hung in the plant grow tent/grow box, but can be mounted on a plant stand, mounted on the wall or placed on the table directly.

This 350W plant light designed for the full cycle of plant growth, equipped with 84 COB intelligent LED (white 35, red 21, blue 27),this plant grow light can produce natural light (including white light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light.

This grow light bulb is made of the latest generation of nano material, which effectively reduces the loss of energy and increases the efficiency by 20% compared to the traditional aluminum foil material.


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