Arrinew 19pcs Household Tools Kit




Home repair tools set is forged from high-grade steel alloy and finished in high-polish chrome.

General household tools kit contain all of the most useful and necessary tools for home maintenance and daily use.

The accessories of this tools kit comes in a molded case which is well-organized with a separate place for each one.

There is a small amount of oil stains on the product that prevents the tools from rusting. Customers can wipe the surface with a towel or paper towel.

High-grade steel tools set is perfect for repairmen, construction workers, mechanics to do household repairing, picture Hanging, box opening, screw tightening, cutting, measuring.

Super Excellent Tools for Daily DIY

Arrinew Hand tools to help you do a good job!

1. Daily home maintenance: hanging pictures, tightening screws, cutting, measuring, etc.

2. Assemble furniture, install backyard and patio necessities, hang picture frames, repair simple plumbing problems, repair bicycles, etc.

3. It is also a good choice of gift!


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